4 Things Scrotal Lift Surgery Will Make Easier


If you’re uncomfortable with the sagging of your scrotum, particularly if you’ve had testicle surgery in the past or if you’ve experienced an injury to the area that is now causing problems, you may be wondering ifscrotal lift surgery is right for you. Sure, it would improve the appearance of your scrotum, but it’s probably not worth the time spent healing just for cosmetic surgery, right? However, there are a number of other things that scrotal lift surgery will improve for you, too.

Sitting on the toilet. If you’ve ever had the wonderful experience of sitting down, only to realize that the water in the toilet is too high and your testicles are getting a cold bath, you know what an unpleasant experience that can be! After you’ve had scrotal lift surgery, however, everything will be tucked up high and tight, keeping it out of the water when you’re on the toilet.

Working out. When your scrotum is uncomfortably stretched, working out can be uncomfortable! Your testicles are in an uncomfortable location, leading to more friction and a greater likelihood of pinching or squeezing. Following your scrotal lift surgery, however, you’ll be able to work out more freely, without needing to wear supportive undergarments every time you put on your gym shorts.

Riding a bicycle. Let’s face it: bicycles are just uncomfortable when your sagging scrotum leads to uncomfortable pinching or even squishing. Adjusting yourself in public is impolite, but there’s not much you can do about it when you’re trying to go biking! After scrotal lift surgery, however, you won’t have to rearrange yourself every time you sit on a bike seat. The same is true of horseback riding or motorcycle riding: you want your intimate parts out of the way so that you can enjoy the experience, and that’s exactly what scrotal lift surgery can give you.

Getting intimate with your partner. If you’re uncomfortable with the appearance of your scrotum, getting intimate can be a challenge. Once you’ve had scrotal lift surgery, however, you’ll love the way everything looks, making you much more comfortable in bed.

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