Scrotal Lift Surgery — Scrotal Reduction


In recent years, scrotal lift surgery has become more common. Also known as scrotoplasty, the surgery is generally performed to improve the scrotum’s appearance, to alleviate discomfort and reduce the annoyance that some men experience during sexual activity due to a low-hanging scrotum.

A low-hanging scrotum is medically referred to as scrotal ptosis. In some cases, the man is born with a naturally low-hanging scrotum and in other situations the scrotum naturally stretches with age.  Many men find the condition bothersome and even painful during sports activities, when wearing tight-fitting clothing or during sexual relations. The low hanging scrotum often becomes irritated and painful from constantly rubbing against clothing or the inner thigh.

A scrotal lift surgery tightens and lifts the scrotum. Dr. Herb Singh, a board-certified urologist, customizes each surgery to fit the specific needs of his patient. He  treats each patient with the utmost personal care during the pre-operative, post-operative, surgery and after-care.

A relatively minor procedure, the scrotal lift surgery is performed as an out-patient procedure, so you can recover in the comfort or your own home. Dr. Singh will work with you to manage any post-surgical discomfort with oral pain medications during your recovery. In most situations, you will be ready to return to work within one week after the surgery.

Please contact us today to learn about scrotal lift surgery. Our team of caring medical professionals will work with you to answer all of your questions and set up a consult with Dr. Herb Singh to learn about the benefits of scrotal lift surgery.

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