3 Ways Penis Augmentation will Improve Your Life

Have you gone a lifetime experiencing serious issues due to your sexual performance or penis size? An undersized penis can be a serious source of mental issues and affect your ability to have a positive, healthy relationship with your partner. Outside of your relationship, your penis size may cause issues in areas where full or partial nudity is sometimes requires, like in locker rooms or bathrooms.

Penis augmentation surgeries are a simple and effective way to improve your penis size with minimal invasiveness. There are numerous benefits that our clients enjoy after using our penis augmentation services. With penis augmentation, you can stop worrying so much about your size and instead focus on other important aspects of your relationships.

More Confidence

It is no secret that penis size can have a negative (or positive) effect on your self confidence. Penis augmentation surgeries will allow you to have more confidence, especially in romantic situations. Our procedures will provide you with a longer, wider and generally larger penis that will make your romantic encounters less anxiety-inducing, and much more fun for both parties!

Reduce Anxiety

if you have been experiencing anxiety due to your penis size, penis augmentation can really help you to reduce anxiety and worry less about romantic encounters. If you find yourself worrying about an upcoming romantic encounter for 3 or 4 days leading up to it, penis augmentation can help you to worry less and live in the moment.

Feel Secure in Your Relationship

Relationship insecurity is one of the most common killers of otherwise healthy relationships. If you would like to worry less about whether or not your partner is being properly satisfied and feel more secure in your relationship, augmentation services are the perfect option.

If you would like to be more confident, feel secure in your relationship and reduce penis-size related anxiety, contact us today to setup your initial consultation. We will help you to choose a procedure that helps you meet your goals and improve your life.

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Small Gifts or Hidden Talents: Penis Enhancement or Mons Reduction

Looks can be deceiving. Many men fear that their penis is smaller than optimal, but it may be they aren’t seeing the whole picture. Or in this case, the whole shaft. While you may have considered penis enhancement, perhaps you have more down there than meets the eye. It may be that your true length is hidden under a protuberant mons.

The mons pubis (the small mound of pubic hair growth in front of the pubic bone) is a relatively common area to look out of proportion especially in men who are, or have been, overweight. The subcutaneous layer in this location tends to accumulate fatty stores and will resist changes to diet and exercise in many men. The mons pubis can also suffer skin stretching and droop from these excess fatty tissues which contributes to unwanted bulging and sagging. A surgical solution is the only effective way excise the loose skin and remove that stubborn fat. One of these three techniques may be employed:

  • Puboplasty: This procedure addresses excess fat as well as redundant skin and underlying soft tissue similar to the methods used in a tummy-tuck or breast lift on women. Puboplasty (also called a pubic lift) removes this excess tissue in the mons, while also lifting and tightening the skin above the penis.
  • Pubic liposuction: The removal of fatty tissues in the pubic region. If the mons is overlarge but the skin is relatively tight and has good elasticity, liposuction alone can give an excellent result. Often the deciding factors between pubic liposuction or puboplasy is the amount of looseness in the tissue and the amount of fat to be removed.
  • Pubopexy: This procedure addresses excess skin without underlying fatty tissues. Sometimes loose skin at the base of the penis can cause folds and creases that create the illusion of a foreshortened penis. Pubopexy adjusts these folds and smooths the creases by securing the loose skin to underlying tissues, uncovering the true penile length.

As you can see, protuberant mons reduction surgeries are generally minor in nature. They are performed as outpatient procedures and tend to take less time than most patients expect.

Ready to know more about penile enhancement surgeries including mons reductions? Contact us to set up a private consultation.

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Penis Lengthening Surgery is Becoming a Popular Way to Increase the Size of a Penis

For over 40 years, penis lengthening surgery has been successfully performed. Newsweek reports that Germany currently leads the world in penile enlargement surgeries. They reported that in 2014,  2,786 penis lengthening surgical procedures took place in Bundesrepublik alone; worldwide 15,414 penis lengthening surgeries have occurred in the last year.

The surgical procedure is becoming quite commonplace and is a popular way for a man to enlarge and change the shape of his penis for aesthetic reasons. Independent and the Harley Medical Group recently reported that in the United States penis enlargement surgery is the second most popular type of plastic surgery sought by men. During penis lengthening surgery, the man can also opt to have his glans enlarged and his penis widened. Often the man may also decide to have a pubic lift and/or pubic liposuction to help increase the length of his penis. Scrotal skin can also be removed to give the penis the appearance of greater length.

The patient will suffer no loss of penile sensation from the surgery. The surgery is an outpatient surgical procedure, so the man will be sent home the same day to recover. During the surgery, the patient is put to sleep. After the surgery, any pain or discomfort is managed with oral pain medications. In most situations, the man is ready to return to work approximately one week after surgery.

If you would like to learn more about penis lengthening surgery, please contact the Austin Texas office of Dr. Herb Singh. The professional office staff will be more than happy to schedule a consultation. Please contact us to learn about our services.

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