Frequently Asked Questions

Should I consider cosmetic phalloplasty?

If you are not satisfied with the length, width, or shape of your penis, there are a multitude of surgical options which may help you achieve your goals.  Research which procedure(s) best suits you.

Who will be my surgeon?

Dr. Herb Singh, a board certified urologist, will be your surgeon.  Dr. Singh oversees every aspect of your visit, and personally sees you pre-operatively, post-operatively, and performs the surgery himself.

What tests are needed before surgery?

Basic blood work will be ordered on every patient before surgery.   This blood work can be drawn at a laboratory local to you.  We coordinate this for you.

Who helps Dr. Singh care for his patients in clinic?

Dr. Singh works with a first class team both in the operating and in his clinic.  Dr. Singh’s nurse will help coordinate all your pre- and post-surgical care.   Dr. Singh’s nurse is attentive and caring.   Our clinic team also includes front office staff who make your visit comfortable.  The team is thoughtful and passionate about excellent customer service  and great surgical results.

Where does Dr. Singh do his cosmetic penile surgeries?

Dr. Singh has chosen a top notch team to work with him in the operating room.   Dr. Singh does his cosmetic penile surgeries at an outstanding Outpatient Surgery Center.  Read more about the surgical facility.

Who performs the anesthesia?

Anesthesia is performed by board certified anesthesiologists and anesthetists.

How long is the operation?

It varies depending on what surgeries you will be having performed.  The surgeries are outpatient and generally take less than most patients expect.

Does it hurt?

During the surgery you will be asleep and should feel no pain.  Following the surgery, pain is minimized with local anesthetics.  Furthermore, post-surgical discomfort is well managed with oral pain medications.

When can I get back to work?

This varies with the kind of work you do and the types of procedures you have had performed.  In most situations, you can expect to return to work within one week of surgery.  Specific recommendations can be made prior to your surgery

Is phalloplasty safe and effective?

The likelihood of complications with phalloplasty is low, and it is a safe procedure in healthy patients.   With cosmetic surgery of any type, the effectiveness depends on meeting the patient’s expectations.  Each patient is  individually counseled so there is a clear understanding of the expectations.

Can penile enlargement surgery improve self-image and quality-of-life?

Women who receive breast augmentations often feel better about their bodies and more comfortable at work, at play, and during intimacy.  Men can experience these same benefits with penile enlargement surgery.

Can the different penile enlargement surgeries be combined?

Yes.  Penile lengthening, penile widening, glans enlargement, protuberant mons reduction, and scrotal surgeries can be combined and often are.  The goal is to use the right combination of surgeries so that you are satisfied with the length and shape of your penis.

What is the cost of penis enlargement surgery?

This depends on the types of surgeries for which you are a candidate.  Dr. Singh will be able to give you specific numbers after speaking with you individually.  He strives to make these surgeries widely available and accepts payment in many forms including credit card, check, and cashier’s check.   His office can also facilitate your access to credit for elective surgical procedures if needed.


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