Glans Enlargement

The glans (head of the penis) can be enlarged as part of the other penile enlargement procedures or it can be performed separately.   There can be both cosmetic, symmetry, and sexual reasons for wanting a larger glans.

There are two surgical methods to enlarge the head of the penis.  In one procedure, biologic material is inserted into glans from a incision behind the corona (this is the flared portion of the glans).   The biologic material can be  an autologous dermal- fat graft (this would be tissue harvested from an inconspicuous location on your own body)  or an allograft dermal matrix graft (such as Allodermâ„¢ which is an “off-the-shelf” product ).   These biologic materials deliver a long lasting result.   Another method to enlarge the glans involves injecting hyaluronic gel into the glans with a small needle.   The results from the hyaluronic gel injection generally last between 12 and 18 months.   These procedures can enlarge the glans by 20%.  See the before and after glans enlargement surgery illustrations.

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