Penile Lengthening

The penile lengthening procedure is performed through a small incision above the penis.  No incisions are necessary directly on the penis in order to perform this operation.   Great care is taken to make the incision as small and discreet as possible.  Generally, it is barely visible after it has completely healed, particularly under some pubic hair.   Through this incision, the suspensory and fundiform ligaments of the penis are released.   Because roughly half your penis length is located within your body, this procedure “unleashes” your penis so that it can be longer.   The fundiform and suspensory ligaments are incised as much as possible to  allow your penis to be as lengthy as possible.   See the illustration of the before and after of the penile lengthening surgery.

The typical individual can expect one to two inches in penis length gain in the flaccid state.  The length gain in the erect state is variable and generally less than what you get in the flaccid state.  There are several factors that can influence your ultimate penis length.  The longer your penis is to start with, the longer the result you can expect.   Some individuals have scrotal skin which detracts from the shaft length of the penis.  Scrotal surgery can address this issue.  The amount of fat you have in the pubic area also impacts the amount of penis length that you see. Some individuals may benefit from a pubic lift and/or pubic liposuction to reduce the amount of fatty tissue over the mons area, which increases the visible length of the penis.  The next factor which can influence your ultimate length is how closely you adhere to the  recommended penis physiotherapy program.  The penis exercise regimen you will be prescribed will help your penis heal into its maximum length.

Some men wonder whether the angle of the erection will be impacted by the penile lengthening procedure.  Most men notice no change in the angle of their erection and those that do generally report a  ten degree difference in the angle of their erection.

Penile lengthening by itself is a relatively minor procedure and has been in the urology literature for many years.  Many patients choose to have the penile lengthening procedure combined with the glans enlargement and penile widening procedures.

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