Penile Widening

The girth of the penis can be surgically widened.  Some men elect to do this to increase the dimensions of their penis for sexual reasons while others do it for reasons of proportion and symmetry.  The two main methods available to increase penile girth follow the simple principle of placing volume between the penile  shaft skin and the tunica albuginea, which is the fibrous sheath of the penis.   One method involves harvesting tissue from one’s own body and placing that around the penis.  This is technically called autologous dermal-fat grafting.  The dermal-fat graft is usually taken from an inconspicuous location such as the creases under the buttocks.  This tissue is then prepared intraoperatively for implantation around the penis.   In this procedure, the graft material is placed around the penis from the base to end of the shaft.  The graft is then secured in position with sutures that get absorbed after the graft has become attached.

For individuals who are not candidates for autologous dermal-fat grafting, the allograft dermal matrix graft (Allodermâ„¢) can be used.  This is “off-the-shelf” human tissue that has been chemically treated and sterilized to make it safe.   The downside of using Allodermâ„¢ for increasing the diameter of the penis is that it adds cost to procedure unlike tissue harvested from your own body as in the autologous dermal-fat grafting procedure.

The above penis widening procedures can result in a 25% to 35% gain in circumference.   The sensation on the glans and shaft is not generally affected by the above penile girth enlargement techniques.   See the illustration of the before and after of the penile widening surgery.

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