Free-Fat Transfer for Penile Girth Enlargement

Why Dr. Singh does not recommend the injection of fat (typically taken by liposuction) to increase penile girth?

For  free-fat cells “to take” satisfactorily and reliably , up to a 4mm sphere of fat can be injected at a given location.   Because there is only one surgical plane into which fat can be injected for girth enhancement, multiple procedures would be necessary to achieve a satisfactory widening of the penis.   Dr. Singh’s goal with surgical widening of the penis is to deliver the desired result with one surgical procedure.  For this reason, Dr. Singh does not the recommend the free-fat grafting method to increase penile girth.  If more than 4mm is injected at a given location, the risk of  lumping and the variability of results become unacceptably high for Dr. Singh.

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