Scrotal Surgery

Cosmetic scrotoplasty is becoming increasingly popular.  There are several surgical options available to men who have concerns about their scrotal appearance.  Some men complain that their scrotum attaches too far down the shaft of their penis.  Not only can this make the penis appear short but it can also be bothersome with sexual activity.   Several names have been used to describe this finding in the literature:  “turkey neck deformity,” webbed penis, and the peno-scrotal webbing.  Some men are born this way.  In others, it can result from the excess removal of shaft skin at the time of circumcision.

Dr. Singh  prefers to use the term peno-scrotal webbing of the penis because it is more accurate in its description without negative connotations.   The surgery to correct this condition is a ventral scrotoplasty.  (Some authors have used the term ventral phalloplasty to describe the same procedure.)  In the ventral scrotoplasty, a diamond shaped wedge of scrotal skin is removed in the location  the redundant skin around the peno0scrotal junction.  This procedure results in the elimination of the peno-scrotal webbing with the end result of a longer visible penile shaft.  For certain individuals, it also results in the elimination of any bother related to sexual activity.  The ventral scotoplasty is a minor procedure with minimal post-op discomfort.

Some men have low hanging scrotums which they find bothersome.  This condition is medically described as scrotal ptosis.   The bother of scrotal ptosis may be strictly cosmetic in nature or  be related to discomfort with activity because of the magnified “ball and sling effect.”   In a scrotal lift, the objective of surgery is to tighten  and elevate the scrotum.  Because of significant individual variation, each surgery needs  to be customized to the patient.   This is a relatively minor procedure with minimal discomfort.

See the before and after picture of the peno-scrotal webbing and the low hanging scrotum surgeries.  These surgeries can be performed separately or together, if necessary.

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