International Patients


We understand that when you make a decision to visit us from another country, you are making a major investment of both your time and money.   We want to make sure all aspects of both your stay and surgery meet your highest expectations.

Travel Paperwork

To expedite your Visa processing, we have developed a relationship with a Visa Processing Company.   Dr. Singh has spoken with the owner of this company personally to make sure you will get first class treatment.


Dr. Singh and his staff can communicate with you in more than 140 languages.  Some patients feel more comfortable with explanations in their mother tongue, which may be something other than English.  To facilitate a clear conversation, we utilize the services of a live translation service company, which can be part of our conference call and your office visit.   Dr. Singh and his staff  respect all cultures and we incorporate this philosophy into our patient care.

If you have any questions, please contact us.