Penis Enlargement Surgeries

There are a number of surgical techniques available  to increase the size of a man’s penis.   Three common, effective, and safe methods are to lengthen the penis, to increase the girth of the penis, and to enlarge the glans (head) of the penis.  The penile lengthening surgery is  fairly straightforward, well-tolerated, and can be performed in less than 1 hour.    The penis widening procedure has a few variations, but the same goal of increasing the circumference of the penis.  Men who have their penis lengthened and widened often also have their glans increased in size for symmetry.  Glans enlargement surgery can also be done as a stand alone procedure.

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There are also surgical techniques  to increase the perceived length of a penis by surgically adjusting adjacent anatomic structures.   If a man’s scrotal skin attaches to the penile shaft away from the body, this can have the visual impact of foreshortening the penis and may also interfere with sexual activity.   Such peno-scrotal webbing can be eliminated in a relatively simple procedure called the ventral scrotoplasty.   For some men a low hanging scrotum can be associated with bother and be esthetically unappealing.   The scrotal lift procedure can be performed in less than 1 hour and eliminates the low hanging scrotum issue.

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Some men have a hidden penis because of loose skin  in the mons area and/or fatty tissue in the suprapubic area.   There are a variety of surgical techniques to eliminate such hidden penis conditions such as a pubic lift or pubic liposuction.  The end goal is reveal your maximum penile length.

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